Faculty Responsibilities

Faculty members are responsible for teaching students, developing curriculum, professional development, and participating in the departmental/divisional monthly meeting and college-wide activities, including student advising, committee work, and college governance.  Guidelines are clarified in Teaching Focus, Policy 3.02.34  and the General Faculty Duties and Responsibilities  Procedure 3.02.34.   To achieve the student success and teaching excellence commitments of North Idaho College’s mission statement, the college recognizes that keeping faculty focused on their primary responsibility of teaching is vital to the college’s success. Accordingly, teaching thirty-credit hour equivalence per academic year, teaching development, and other activities that directly advance student learning are expected to comprise the foremost responsibilities and the predominant focus of faculty time and effort.

Per procedure 3.02.16, a full-time faculty member is normally expected to spend thirty (30) hours per week on campus unless special considerations are agreed upon between the faculty member and the responsible administrator.

Contact hour 15 Lecture/lab or other designated instructional mode
Office 5 Office hours for advising, student conferencing, grading, class preparation, etc.
Campus Time 10 Flexible campus hours for committee assignments, office work, class preparation, grading, division responsibilities, professional development.
30 Hours on campus per work week

Administration recognizes and appreciates that the demands of full-time teaching significantly exceeds thirty (30) hours, encompassing grading, class preparation, curriculum and professional development, scholarly reading, and professional writing.

Part-time instructors are expected to schedule and post office hours on the basis of their teaching assignment, with the expectation that for every three credits taught, instructors provide one office hour per week.


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