Appendix E: Sample Audience Analysis— Informative Speech

Name: Sally Student

Topic: Developments of the personal computer

3 Main Points:

  1. Origins
  2. Current and emerging technology
  3. Computers of the future
  1. Rate your interest in learning about the PC, where 1 represents “Uninterested” and 5 represents “Very Interested. (circle number)

1            2            3            4            5

  1. How often do you use a computer at home? (select one)
    1. Never/Seldom
    2. Once or twice a week
    3. 3–5 times a week
    4. Daily
  2. How do you use your computer? (check all that apply)

…     Browsing

…     Research

…     Email

…     Instant messaging

…     Games

…     Word processing

…     Databases

…     Spreadsheets

…     Other:__________________

  1. Have you ever used a tablet?     Yes      No
  1. Do you find that user interface (e.g., Start menus in Windows) could be improved in a way that the machine would be easier to use?     Yes       No
  1. What feature or function would you most like to have in future computers?


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