Sample 1: Good Peer Evaluation – Speech to Inform

Speaker: Zeke

Evaluator: Zelda



  • Gain attention
  • Give audience incentive to listen
  • Establish credibility
  • Introduce subject; central idea
  • Preview main points
  • Transition to body


  • Clear, well-developed organization
  • Sufficient support material
  • Related topic to audience
  • Oral footnotes
  • Transitions between main points


  • Signal the end
  • Recap main points
  • Clincher


  • Eye Contact: Looked at everyone in audience and held eye contact
  • Notes: Used to jog memory; did not read from notes
  • Vocal/Verbal: Volume, rate, fluency
  • Appearance: Appropriate attire, posture


+ When you previewed your main points, I liked how you repeated the phrase, “Alternative schools are…” and then added the point. That is what the text talks about to keep your audience focused. Good job!

+ Your visual aids were well done and followed the guidelines outlined in the book. They added to your speech rather than becoming a speech by themselves.

–     You use the phrase “and stuff” like some use the filler “uh.” Such fillers become noise interference. You may begin to eliminate that by just becoming aware of it.

–     I don’t believe you had a real attention getter. In fact, I think you began with a purpose statement, “Today I’m going to talk about…” The text says avoid such starts! Starting with the purpose statement doesn’t really pull me into your speech. You’ve had so many experiences with troubled kids, you could have started with a story—one that connects with us.

+ I really liked the way you followed the speech recipe. When I listened to you, I could follow you easily, especially when you made your transitions clear. You made me think you really wanted us to understand your message.

After listening to this speech, the degree to which I feel informed (1 represents “Not at all,” 3 “Somewhat,” and 5 “Very”):

1      2      3      4      5

What was the central idea of this speech? I’m not 100% sure, but I think the C.I. was “Alternative schools have several unique benefits over traditional schools.”


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