Appendix F: Sample Audience Analysis—Persuasive Speech

Problem: Big Box Store hurts local economies, uses cheap overseas labor and corrupt and discriminatory business practices

  1. What is your position on this problem? (circle one)

Unaware     Aware/Opposed     Aware/Neutral     Aware/Agree

  1. How urgent of a problem is this issue in your life, with 1 representing “Not urgent at all” and 5 representing “Very Urgent”? (circle one)

1                2               3               4               5

  1. How frequently do you shop at Big Box Store? (select one)
    1. Never
    2. Once a week
    3. More than once a week
    4. Every day

Explain why you shop/don’t shop at Big Box Store with that frequency.



  1. Are you aware of the charges of corruption/discrimination that have been brought against Big Box Store   Yes       No
  2. Does Big Box Store have a union in America?    Yes       No
  3. Where are most of Big Box Store’s labor and products outsourced? (select one)
    1. Japan
    2. Mexico
    3. China
    4. Other:_________
  4. What is the average yearly income of a Big Box Store employee? (select one)
    1. Less than $20,000
    2. $20,000–$30,000
    3. $30,000–$40,000
    4. Less than $40,000
    5. I have no idea
  5. Big Box Store employees on tax-funded assistance programs cost taxpayers _______ per year. (select one)
      1. $50 million
      2. $500 million
      3. $1.5 billion
      4. I have no idea


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