Sample 2: Poor Peer Evaluation – Speech to Inform

Speaker: Hilda

Evaluator: Jake



  • Gain attention – Was OK but could have been better
  • Give audience incentive to listen
  • Establish credibility – yes
  • Introduce subject; central idea – yes
  • Preview main points
  • Transition to body


  • Clear, well-developed organization – OK–I followed it pretty good
  • Sufficient support material
  • Related topic to audience – OK
  • Oral footnotes – Kind of awkward
  • Transitions between main points


  • Signal the end – ? Needs work!
  • Recap main points – Not sure
  • Clincher – OK

Delivery – good

  • Eye Contact: Looked at everyone in audience and held eye contact
  • Notes: Used to jog memory; did not read from notes
  • Vocal/Verbal: Volume, rate, fluency
  • Appearance: Appropriate attire, posture


After listening to this speech, the degree to which I feel informed (1 represents “Not at all,” 3 “Somewhat,” and 5 “Very”):    1     2     3     4     5

What was the central idea of this speech? Alternative schools


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