Appendix G: Speech Topic Ideas

How nuclear power works

Biography of someone you admire

How to make pizza

The history of comic books

How to change your car’s oil

The story of how your school was founded

How to pick a bottle of wine

The history of your hometown

How to swing a golf club

Trends in the stock market

How to drive a stick-shift

History of a favorite product brand

How to shoot a basketball

Description of life in another country

How to weave a basket

The three branches of U.S. government

How to read a map

How roads are built

The Seven Wonders of the World


How to knit a scarf

Professional baseball stadiums

Local folklore

Roadside attractions

Chinese food


Real-life vampires

Types of cheese

How to play chess

Key phrases in a foreign language

How to plan a wedding

How to tie various knots

Cruise vacations

Crazy laws

How to improve your health

Electric cars

Life in the future

How to throw a good party

Working in the fast-food industry

How to play the kazoo

Origins of superstitions

Lesser-known presidents

Computer viruses

Types of poetry

Evolution of video games

Raising pet snakes

Serial killers

Foreign TV shows

How to make a website

Civil War generals

Famous diplomats

All about your favorite vacation spot

Famous speeches

How to get good grades

How to write a resume

How to survive a job interview

Types of tropical fish

Dog shows

The newspaper business

All about a favorite radio show

How a computer works

How to organize a closet

U.S. territories


Comparison of different religions

Schools of painting

The latest discoveries in astronomy

Fringe political parties

How to find cheap airline tickets

Competitive horseback riding

How to make fishing lures

Labor Unions

Internet dating Cults


Impact of media on society

Branches of the military

Famous advertising campaigns

Nursing homes

How to write a will

The United Nations

How to find your ancestors

Deep sea fishing

A particular period of architecture

How to construct an argument

Saving money on your income taxes

Sports card collecting

The history of the Bible

Book reviews for a particular author

How to avoid boredom

Sales tactics

Comparison of economic systems

Censorship in history

Psychological profiling

Picking a name for your children

America’s fastest growing cities

How to improve your manners

How to improve your conversation skills

World War II heroes

The Miss America Pageant

Interesting cultures

How to raise rabbits

Exotic pets

Ballroom dancing


Identity theft

Evolution of voting laws

Natural  disasters

Breeds of dogs

Dream interpretation

Drinking problems

Drug problems


Basic economic principles

Advances in education


Evolution of the English language

National Parks

Young billionaires

Former child stars

Obesity epidemic

How to be more romantic

Types of common plants

How to cook vegetarian

Muscle cars

Antique collecting

Dog training

Model railroading

How to perform a magic trick

The intelligence of dolphins

Multi-Level Marketing

Choosing a digital camera

Funny inventions

Stupid criminals

Code breaking

How to play poker

Child geniuses

Spoon collecting

Charitable organizations


How to break bad habits

Weight lifting

How the circulatory system works

Origin of holidays

Interior decorating

Lie detecting

The Supreme Court

Learning styles

Life in jail

How to properly brush your teeth

How to set up an aquarium

Organized crime

Street gangs

How to make soup

The worst professional sports teams

How the telephone works

The U.S. Postal Service

How to apply makeup

Investment strategies

The lottery

The Industrial Revolution

Medicines from nature

Memory loss

Differences in male and female communication

Mental illnesses

The Middle Ages

How the brain works


Drug laws

Airplane stunts

The history of your favorite musical group

Useful websites

The Great Depression

Famous riots

How to play your favorite board or video game

Interesting world records

Different philosophical perspectives

The welfare system

City planning

Reality TV shows

Types of birth control

Choosing the right tires for your car

Diploma mills

The most dangerous jobs

The trucking industry

Basic first aid

Coin collecting

The British Royal Family

Ice cream making

How search engines work

Banned books

The worst trades in sports history

How galaxies are formed

Native American tribes

Exotic breeds of cats

How to make a cocktail

How to turkey-call

How bottled water is purified

Sports card collecting

The U.S. Post Office

How cellular phones work

Computers through the decades

Spring Break destinations

The rising cost of education

Early 20th-century film making

Unique websites

How to back up your DVDs

How to make candles

Hand-held PDAs

Famous robberies

Wedding traditions of other cultures

Robots now and in the future

Rock collecting

The career of a favorite musician

How to cure/prevent hangovers

Women in politics

The Great Lakes Conspiracy theories

Iraq war


Immigrants in the USA

Stockholm syndrome

Military benefits


Climate change

Strategies for healthy eating


Famous golf courses

Gold rushes outside of California

U.S. immigration patterns through history

Code breaking

Submarines TV sitcoms



All-terrain vehicles

Satellite radio

Exotic fruits

What to look for in a new car


Canadian football

The sport of “curling”

The insurance industry

Famous comedy duos

Word origins

How chocolate is made


New technologies


How the Earth was formed

Overcoming conflict

The longest books ever written

How to ski

How to make beer

Fastest growing careers

Origins of clichés


Afghanistan war



Healthcare Cyber safety

Women in the media

Preventing elder abuse

Civil War history/lore

World Cup

Copyright violations online

Reality of a dream

Importance of vitamins and minerals

The origin of alphabets

The history of tobacco use

Human cadavers—history of, uses of DNA evidence

Women in the military

Herbs as medicine

The history of greyhound dogs

How to achieve goals

Albert Einstein’s contributions to science

Being confident

Believing in yourself

Breaking bad habits

Being optimistic in life

Being a positive talker

Helen Keller’s life

How self-motivation works

Handling responsibility

Importance of discipline

Importance of meditation

Life and works of Mahatma Gandhi

Life and works of Mother Teresa

People who changed the world

Powerful communication

Weight issues

What winners do to win

Why travel is beneficial to education

Near death experiences

How to start a good personal inventory

The beauty of wolves

Social networking

Funeral oration

Graduation checklist

Roadside attractions

How to adopt a dog


School shootings

Toxic chemicals in food

Brain mapping and paralysis


The many kinds of tea

The many kinds of coffee

The process of building any given product on the market

Anxiety and its effects

Human facial recognition

Different types of dreams

Resort vacations

World music

Teenage pregnancy

Indian culture or Bollywood

What to do on spring break

How to make an income while a student

The basics of financial aid

How to get along with your roommate

Some inexpensive places to take your date

How to get that great internship

Basics of getting a fellowship

What to do when a roommate moves out

How to survive freshman year

How to take the GRE

How get a student job on campus

Great vacation bargains for students

What to do in your senior year

Moving out of the dorm to an apartment off campus

Freebies and discounts for students

How to fill out a FAFSA


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