Sample 3A: Speech to Motivate to Action

Name: Kristopher Arnold

Audience Analysis

Answer in complete sentences and use examples from your audience analysis questions.

  1. If what you are asking the audience to do is such a good idea, think about those in the audience who might object to your idea. How will you address possible objections in your speech? I am planning to hit head-on any varying objections within my speech, to refute the refuted. Some people think buying products made in other countries means they can have more stuff. I will show them how short-sighted this is.
  2. How much interest did the audience have in your topic? How will you make the topic interesting to them? The audience didn’t have a lot of interest in my topic since they like to buy “lots of cheap stuff.” I will show them that by supporting American-made goods that their chances of high-paying jobs will increase when they graduate from college. That should get their interest.
  3. How will the audience demographics (not what you learned on your Audience Analysis) impact the development of your speech? Being mostly students, it impacts my speech greatly. Most college-aged individuals do not have plenty of money floating around, nor are they usually working full-time, so they have good and feasible reasons to want to purchase cheap foreign products.

Title: Made in Chimericakorpan

General Purpose: To motivate to act

Specific Purpose: To motivate my audience to purchase American-made products

    1. Grab Attention: My neighbor Pete is currently unemployed but is a hard-working American. He goes to bed at 11 pm and wakes up to his alarm clock (made in Japan). He turns on his coffee pot (made in China), stands on tile floor in the bathroom (made in Italy) while he shaves with a razor (made in Hong Kong). He puts on his dress shirt (made in Sri Lanka), designer jeans (made in Singapore), and tennis shoes (made in Korea), jumps into his car (made in Japan), turns on the radio (made in India), checks his watch (made in Switzerland), grabs his briefcase (made in Japan). And, Pete wonders why he cannot find a good paying job.
    2. Relate to Audience: Actually, you all need to be thinking about this. This scenario likely hits close to home with most of you and you don’t even know it (or don’t really want to admit it). Most lower-priced items which so many of you are purchasing are not made in America. I would even go as far as to say that most of the possessions you have here with you today are not made in America.
    3. Relate to Self (Establish Credibility): In the past I have simply not known what the consequences of purchasing foreign products does on a mass scale, but I will have you know that over the past several years I have changed my ways and have personally made a point to buy local and buy American-made. All of my automobiles and recreational vehicles are made in the good ol’ U.S.A., and I now regularly make an effort to keep my money in America and so should you.
    4. Central Idea: You should buy American-made products whenever possible.
    5. Specific Purpose: Today, I would like to invite you to consider this option.
    6. Preview Main Points: I will go over…
      1. Need: Why we all need to buy American-made products.
      2. Satisfaction: How you can implement this behavior into your life.
      3. Visualization: How your lives will be better after implementing this solution.

Transition to #II: Let’s begin exploration of this topic by taking a good look at the problem.

  1. NEED Step
    1. Buying products from China affects employment in the U.S.
      1. Mr. Robert Scott indicates that it’s a fact that buying products that are made in China decreases jobs in the U.S. (Economic Policy Institute)
      2. Something you all know but probably wouldn’t want to admit is that buying products made in China also supports the abuse of exploited workers. (
    2. China has become the world capital of contaminated goods.
      1. One million toys were recalled recently in China because lead paint was used on the toys, and chewing on these toys can lead to behavioral problems and sometimes death in children. (USA Today)
      2. Chemicals that are used to make antifreeze are being found in toothpaste from China. (

Transition to #III: Now that you can see what you support when you buy foreign products, let’s look at solutions.

    1. With a little common sense, it’s easy to find American-made products.
      1. Look at the packaging for the “made in” sticker.
      2. Visit for a list of American manufacturers and a list of items that are 100% made in the U.S.
    2. Even though it is impossible to get around buying foreign products, we shouldn’t use that as an excuse to avoid buying American-made products when possible.

Transition to #IV: Solving this foreign products issue for the United States will take focus on my part (as well as each of you), but the rewards are worth it.

    1. Imagine what it could be like searching for a job and actually finding many good-paying jobs to choose from.
    2. You will feel good knowing that the toys your children and grandchildren play with are safer than before.
    3. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you do not support the abuse of other human beings.

Signal End: If you have been listening, you now better understand the benefits of spending your money a little more wisely, so I will conclude now.

  1. ACTION Step
    1. Restate Central Idea: Buying products made in America leads to a better future for you.
    2. Recap Main Points: Today, I told you why we need to purchase American-made products, how easy it is to do, and what benefits you’ll experience as a result.
    3. Call to Action (Clincher): I want to ask for a show of hands. I am going to ask each of you to raise your hand showing that you will just try…just try to pay closer attention to the things you are buying. Let’s raise our hands for the future of our children and grandchildren. Let’s fight this fight from our own soil and spread the word. Will you raise your hand for America today? Thanks. Please go from here today and purchase wisely, and you remember Pete, my neighbor? For Pete’s sake, let’s buy American.

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