59 NIC’s Mission, Vision, and Values


North Idaho College meets the diverse educational needs of students, employers, and the northern Idaho communities it serves through a commitment to student success, educational excellence, community engagement, and lifelong learning.


As a comprehensive community college, North Idaho College strives to provide accessible, affordable, quality learning opportunities. North Idaho College endeavors to be an innovative, flexible leader recognized as a center of educational, cultural, economic, and civic activities by the communities it serves.

Values (Accreditation Core Themes)

North Idaho College is dedicated to these core values which guide its decisions and actions.

  • Student Success
    A vibrant, lifelong learning environment that engages students as partners in achieving educational goals to enhance their quality of life
  • Educational Excellence
    High academic standards, passionate and skillful instruction, professional development, and innovative programming while continuously improving all services and outcomes
  • Community Engagement
    Collaborative partnerships with businesses, organizations, community members, and educational institutions to identify and address changing educational needs
  • Stewardship
    Economic and environmental sustainability through leadership, awareness, and responsiveness to changing community resources
  • Diversity
    A learning environment that celebrates the uniqueness of all individuals and encourages cultural competency


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