25 NIC Guidelines for Office Space Allocation


Space is a limited College resource and, consequently, it must be managed responsibly and in a way that promotes the advancement of the College’s mission and the strategic priorities of the campus. Flexibility needs to be maintained in order to address changes in function, curricula, programs and technologies. Accordingly, a comprehensive framework for assignment of office space has been established to achieve best utilization and respond to current and emerging needs.

This document provides general guidelines for the allocation of office space to the divisions within the instructional unit on campus. “Office space” includes offices and conference rooms specifically assigned to support the College’s academic and administrative functions.


  • All faculty and staff will be provided with a suitable working environment for the type of work they perform.
  • Office space will be prioritized to divisions to adequately support their core missions and functional needs.
  • Office space, like all space, is a College property that will be allocated to a given division, as available, in a manner that best advances College priorities. No division “owns” the space that has been allocated to it.
  • Office space allocations are made to divisions, not to individuals.
  • Office space, like all College space resources, should be deployed in the most efficient and effective manner to best serve programmatic and strategic goals.
  • Existing office space should be used to maximum functionality and efficiency.
  • Shared office arrangements may be required to efficiently use the campus’ limited space.
  • Conference room spaces are encouraged to be shared among one or more divisions whenever possible to maximize space utilization.
  • Office space that has been allocated to a division can be reassigned to another division in response to College needs and priorities.
  • Each division should manage its office space needs within the space that has been allocated to the division at any given time. Division heads (chairs, directors) have the responsibility to address office space needs within their respective departments. The responsibility to allocate and reallocate office space within a given instructional unit resides with the corresponding Dean or his/her designee. All space decisions are ultimately approved by the Vice President for Instruction.
  • Office space vacated due to a substantial reduction in program size, reduction in workforce, or program elimination resulting in office space being unoccupied (refer to next section for further guidance) reverts back to the college space pool. The Vice President for Instruction is responsible for ensuring that a process for reassignment of vacant space is established.
  • Office space vacated due to a department’s relocation to another building, floor, or suite reverts back to the college space pool. The Vice President for Instruction is responsible for ensuring that a process for reassignment of the vacant space is established.

Guidelines for Allocation of Office Space

In general, the office space allocation priorities are as follows:

  • (1) tenured
  • (2) tenure-track
  • (3) full-time special appointment
  • (4) full-time staff requiring a high level of privacy for working on confidential matters or meeting with students, staff and others; and
  • (5) visiting and part-time faculty, and department part-time staff


  • Offices may be private, shared, or in cubicles as appropriate and available.
  • Offices will be assigned based on need, availability, and suitability for the intended use.
  • Assignment of multiple offices for faculty and staff is not allowed unless there is a true demonstrated need. Under such circumstances, a faculty or staff member may be assigned a secondary office (ideally in a shared arrangement), provided it is not located in the same building as the primary office. All decisions related to multiple offices will be made on a case-by-case basis and require the approval of the appropriate Dean in consultation with the Vice President for Instruction.
  • Part-time faculty and staff should be assigned office space in a shared office arrangement.


Following creation of a new office space or vacancy of a previously occupied office:

  1. An announcement by the Vice President for Instruction is made to directors and division chairs indicating the impending availability of office space, requesting indications of interest, and announcing a deadline for the expression of such interest.
  2. Office assignment requests for Fall semester are submitted by faculty before the first Friday of May. Requests for Spring semester are submitted before the first Friday in November.
  3. Requests are forwarded to Instructional Cabinet.
  4. Based on the principles and guidelines stated above, faculty will be notified by directors or division chairs of office assignments.
  5. Appeals are submitted to area dean for consideration and further action.


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