33 Curriculum Council and GEM Council

Curriculum Council

The Curriculum Council evaluates all curricula on an on-going basis and shall make recommendations to the vice president for Instruction and ultimately the president regarding all curricular matters. It shall recommend approval of and criteria for evaluation of all AA, AS, and AAS degrees as well as for the Technical Certificate, Advanced Technical Certificate and Academic Certificate of Completion. The council shall approve all prerequisites for courses as well as changes in grading procedures as well as changes in credits, content, or numbers. The Curriculum Council shall evaluate and approve all special topic courses. In addition, this committee will submit reports of its activities to the Faculty Assembly Chair. The Curriculum Council site provides a calendar of meetings, the most current forms, and other pertinent information on course and program proposals.

GEM Council

Effective fall 2015, NIC adopted the principles and requirements outlined in Idaho’s Statewide General Education (see State Board Policy III.N). NIC’s faculty met with colleagues from across the disciplines at each of the two-and four-year higher education institutions in Idaho to write competencies in six areas of general education. These are Written Communication, Oral Communication, Mathematical Ways of Knowing, Scientific Ways of Knowing, Humanistic and Artistic Ways of Knowing, and Social and Behavioral Ways of Knowing. Faculty at NIC serve on the college’s GEM Council to provide review of new general education course proposals to ensure state-level competencies and NIC’s goals of general education are met. After a course proposal receives GEM Council approval it moves to curriculum council for additional review and approval.


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