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eLearning at NIC supports faculty with development of technology-enhanced instruction and the Canvas learning management system.

eLearning can assist you with:

  • Course building: anything from formatting a tricky paragraph in your content to creating a fully-built course
  • Course Design
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Training: one-on-one and workshops at our place or yours
  • Learning object creation
  • Online learning solutions
  • Quality Matters Training and Rubric Standards
  • Concourse Syllabus

Please contact us if you need assistance, would like to propose a workshop or have us visit you or your division for a specific training.

Course Development Resources

What is a Course Copy?

Course content from previous semesters can be copied into the current semester’s course shell. You can choose to copy all the content or just specific content (such as a quiz).

Can I still copy my own courses?

Yes. We are offering to copy courses as a service to faculty. If you are not confident in copying your course, please just ask us for help.

Merged Section

A merged section combines the class rosters from two or more sections into a single course site. Merging course sections allows you to move section enrollments from individual courses and combine them into one course.


Every single section of every single course taught at NIC has a Canvas site.

This feature is helpful for instructors who teach several sections of the same course and only want to manage course data in one location.


  • Multiple sections of the same class (PSYC-101-101, PSYC-101-102, and PSYC-101-103)
  • Sections of a class that are cross-listed (ENGL-103-100 and AIST-103-100)

FERPA Guidelines

    • To continue to provide faculty the option of merging their courses, NIC has created guidelines on how to make a merged course FERPA compliant when teaching from a merged course in Canvas.
    • Notes: We cannot merge Canvas sites after the course has started. Once we merge your sections, you will no longer have access to the original courses or any of the content that you may have already created. We also cannot merge any sections that have work in them. Please request a merge before adding content to the course.
    • We are also unable to merge two sections that have the same student enrollments, as the students would only be represented once in the merged section grade book instead of twice (one for each class).


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