9 Class Roster, Waitlisting, and Withdrawals

Class Roster

The class roster in MyNIC>Self Service is the official class roll for all course sections. This roster is used to complete all administrative activities including attendance and grading activities. Students who attend class and are not listed on the roster, must register for the class through Student Planning or contact Cardinal Central for assistance.


Students may place themselves on a waitlist if a class has reached full capacity. If a slot in the class becomes available, the first eligible student on the waitlist will automatically be enrolled. The following situations will prevent a student from being enrolled: credit overload, time conflict with another registered class, financial or academic hold, new student advising hold, and missing requisites. Once the student has been registered, they are sent a notification to their Cardinal Mail notifying them of their enrollment. Please notify your Division Chair if you are willing to take students above the cap. NIC pays instructors an over-cap bonus. Only Division Chairs or Deans may request a waitlisted class be overloaded by the Registrar’s Office.

Dropping or Withdrawing from a Class

Students may drop or withdraw from any course they are enrolled in through Self Service Student Planning. Deadlines for all registration activity are listed in the college calendar. Faculty are also able to view these dates in Self Service Faculty by accessing a class and clicking the Deadline Dates link above the roster.


Add New Section:   Instructor Initiated Withdraws

An instructor may initiate a withdrawal of a student who fails to meet course requirements and interferes with the learning of others in the class. Instructors must inform the student via Cardinal Mail of their intent to withdraw the students at least three business days prior to submitting the request to the Registrar’s Office. If the student doesn’t appeal the withdraw, the instructor must forward the communication sent to the student along with a request to withdraw the student to the Registrar’s Office. The deadline to complete an instructor initiated withdraw is the last day to withdraw from the class.

For more information on the instructor initiated withdraw policy and procedure, view the NIC Policy Manual, policy 5.04.02, procedure 5.04.02, or contact the Registrar’s Office at (208) 769-4056.


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