47 Financial Aid and Scholarships

At North Idaho College (NIC), financial aid consists of scholarships, grants, loans, work-study, and grants-in-aid. The purpose of these aid types is to assist students who, without this aid, would be unable to attend college. The NIC Financial Aid Office (FAO) is committed to assisting students in paying for their education while assuming as little debt as possible. As a result, unsubsidized loans are discouraged and non-debt related types of aid are leveraged whenever possible.

Applying for Financial Aid

The North Idaho College (NIC) Financial Aid Office is committed to assisting students in paying for their education while assuming as little debt as possible. The link below gives students the ability to apply for financial aid and gain access to the various types of available aid including grants, loans, and work study.



Scholarships are yet another way students can fund their education. If you’re curious about what scholarships are available to assist students in funding their education click the links below:

North Idaho College Foundation

Over $1,000,000 in NIC Foundation Scholarships are given out to NIC students! 

Here’s how students should apply:

  1. Log in to MyNIC account.
  2. Click on “NIC Foundation Scholarship Application”.
  3. Enter information on the scholarship application and complete the essay portion.
  4. If selected to receive an NIC scholarship, notification will be sent to the students Cardinal Mail

Upon submission the scholarship system will match students to applicable scholarships. They may be prompted to submit additional materials, please read carefully. There are hundreds of scholarships available with varying criteria. We encourage all NIC students to apply!

State of Idaho

Feb. 15 Deadline

March 1 Deadline

April 12 Deadline

Idaho Launch

Idaho LAUNCH is a grant program that provides students a one-time opportunity to have 80% of the tuition and fees at an eligible institution covered, up to a maximum amount of $8,000. With approximately 75 million dollars available for Idaho LAUNCH funding, it is possible for this program to offer between 9,000 and 10,000 awards per year!

How much is available for students each year?

Students can receive up to one-half of the initial grant award in the first year of a program. However, for programs that are less than 12 months in length, students can use the full awarded amount (80% of tuition and fees up to $8,000) in one year.

Important Dates:

  • Idaho LAUNCH application opens: October 3
  • Initial applications due: November 30
  • Round 2 applications due: February 15
  • Round 3 applications due: April 15
  • Contingent Award letters sent by: December 31, March 31, and May 31
  • Idaho LAUNCH application closes: April 15
  • Career Pathway Plans due: May 31

Outside Scholarships

There are some great outside entities that offer scholarships. NIC is committed to making these resources available but is not associated in any way with these entities. The following websites provide information on outside scholarships that are available to students at their own risk.


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