18 Purchasing

Faculty should work with their Division Chairs regarding all purchases.

North Idaho College purchasing is under the direction of Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs. The Office of Finance is responsible for the preparation and enforcement of North Idaho College purchasing guidelines for goods and services. All procurement decisions must be made using sound and prudent business judgment and practices, keeping in mind that, in most cases, we are using either state funds or tax dollars to make these purchases. Purchasing activities shall support cost efficiency while taking into consideration product and/or service quality. No contract for the purchase of goods or services shall be made without proper supervisory or administrative approval. The Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs may delegate authority to an NIC employee to purchase specific types and classes of goods with prior written request and authorization by the department supervisor. This authorization shall specify what may be purchased by the employee and the duration of the purchasing authorization.

For complete purchasing guidelines, click here.

Please visit the Office of Finance and Business Purchasing and Accounts Payable page for more information.


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