22 Professional Development Funding and PDUs

NIC is committed to the professional development of the employees who carry out the mission of the college. To that end, the college has put in place funding assistance programs that are designed to help our employees meet and exceed their professional development goals. Encouraging and support our employees’ professional development allows NIC to continue to provide a high level of service and quality programs to the communities we serve.

There are two funding options for faculty: PD Funds (through HR) and PDP Funds through the Provost’s Office.

PD Funds

These funding assistance programs are available only to employees who have been employed in a benefit-eligible position continuously for at least one year.  Professional Development (PD) funding is managed by Human Resources.

Human Resources PD Funds Information and application


The Provost’s Office manages Professional Development Plans and PDP Funds.  Personnel eligible for Professional Development Plans (PDP) are eligible to submit a PDP after 30 days of employment, under full-time faculty contract or under part-time faculty contract at 60% of full-time or more.  Faculty members are required to have an approved PDP on file before earning Professional Development Units (PDU).  For eligible activities, guidelines for General Professional Development, an explanation on how to earn PDU’s and how column movement works, please review Policy 3.02.20  and  Procedure 3.02.20.  Below are the instructions and fillable forms you will need.

Professional Development Plan Instructions PDP Fillable Form :  PDP Funding Request

Faculty PDU Instructions PDU Fillable Form

Tuition Waivers

A number of Idaho schools offer reduced tuition to benefit eligible employees at NIC.  Listed below are institutions and the benefits they offer. If you have questions regarding a tuition waiver, please contact Julie Bailey in the Human Resources office at x3304 or email julie.bailey@nic.edu

CSI (College of Southern Idaho)
  • $5/credit
  • $20 per class fee + lab/course fees
  • Includes employee and spouse
CWI (College of Western Idaho)
  • $5/credit
  • $20 per class fee + lab/course fees
  • 6 credit max. for Fall & Spring Semester, 3 credit max. for Summer semester
  • Includes employee and spouse
ISU (Idaho State University)
  • $5/credit
  • $20 per class fee + lab/course fees
  • 6 credit max. for Fall & Spring semester, 3 credit max. for Summer semester
  • Includes employee only
LCSC (Lewis & Clark State College)
  • $5/credit
  • $20 per class fee + lab/course fees
  • 6 credit max. for Fall & Spring semester, 3 credit max. for Summer semester
  • No waiver for employees enrolled with full-time student status(12 or more credits)
  • Includes employee only
·         Tuition is waived for employee, spouse and dependents

·         Employees living in Idaho, but not Kootenai County, must complete a Certificate of Residency

·         Employee is responsible for any course or miscellaneous fees; waiver covers tuition for only 8 credits

  • Spouse and dependents are responsible for all fees (general fees, course fees and miscellaneous fees); waiver only covers 12 credits for Fall & Spring semester and 8 credits for Summer semester
  • Waivers must be submitted online (after registering for classes) at least 3 business days prior to the start of the term
WFTC (Workforce Training Center)

·         Fee discounts for classes with minimum paid enrollments

·         Additional book and material costs may apply

·         Discounts available to employee, spouse and dependents

  • Waivers are not applicable to online course, although there may be a discount for

certain online courses – inquire with the WFTC on specific courses

For more information and guidelines, visit the Human Resources site.


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