45 Faculty Assembly

The Faculty Assembly of North Idaho College provides a principle vehicle for faculty participation in the college governance system. Full-time faculty are expected to participate and part-time faculty are welcome to attend. Meetings are generally held the second Thursday of each month during the regular school year.

Faculty Assembly Officers


Per bylaws, the Executive Committee shall be composed of the Assembly Officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Adjunct Faculty Representative) and the three immediate past chairpersons (or past vice-chairs may substitute if any of the previous chairs are no longer employed by NIC), and is empowered to act for the Assembly in matters pertaining to the immediate governance of the Assembly. The Committee is responsible to and reports to the Assembly, which retains the authority to review actions taken by the Committee.

Kathleen Miller-Green – Chair Kathleen.MillerGreen@nic.edu

Jon Gardunia – Vice Chair  Jon.Gardunia@nic.edu

 Amanda Roberts- Secretary Amanda.Roberts@nic.edu

 Kristi Mendoza- Treasurer Kristi.Mendoza@nic.edu

Shawna Broeder – Adjunct Faculty Representative smbroeder@nic.edu



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