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Getting Online @ NIC – Faculty

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NIC Network Account

Your NIC network account provides you access to:

•    NIC Network
•    Campus computers
•    MyNIC Portal
•    Cardinal Email
•    Canvas

To obtain your Username and set your Password for the first time, click the New Students and Employees… Start Here button on the following page: http://www.nic.edu/mynic/

To login, enter your MyNIC credentials at the login screen on any campus computer.


Duo is a required protection enhancement for sensitive student and employee data. This data is highly-sought on the Internet and commonly attacked. Duo adds a second layer of security to your online accounts by way of two-factor authentication.  It requires something you know, like your username and password, with something you have, such as your phone.  This prevents someone from logging in to your account, even if they know your password.

When you access a system that requires two-factor authentication, you will be promoted to enroll.  The current systems requiring Duo are MyNIC, Canvas, Cardinal Mail, Self Service, Box, Softdocs Etrieve, Colleague, RDG, and VPN.  You will only be prompted when you are offsite, except when using RDG.

MyNIC Portal

Your MyNIC account provides you access to:

•    Time entry/pay advices/check stubs
•    Canvas
•    NIC Email
•    Campus documents

•    Department Team Sites
•    Bookmarks
•    25Live

1.    To access your MyNIC account, go to https://my.nic.edu
2.    Enter your MyNIC credentials and click Sign In

Cardinal Mail

You can access NIC email using one of the following:

  • Outlook
    • Open Outlook on any campus computer to access your email
  • Online at mail.nic.edu
    • Login with your MyNIC credentials
  • MyNIC Portal at https://my.nic.edu
    • Click on the Cardinal Mail button

You have two email addresses (aliases) that work at NIC:

•    username@nic.edu
•    firstname.lastname@nic.edu

Office 365

Office 365 provides you online access to the following:

•    Email
•    Calendar
•    Contacts
•    Word
•    Excel
•    PowerPoint
•    OneNote
•    OneDrive
•    Microsoft Office Install

To access Office 365:

1.    Login to your MyNIC account at https://my.nic.edu
2.    Click on Cardinal Mail
3.    Outlook 2016 online will open.
4.    Click the App Launcher to access Office 365 apps

Network Storage

  • Box is a service for hosting files in the cloud.  It allows users to store files that are accessible online, locally synchronize with Box Drive, and share or collaborate on documents with anyone, within or external to NIC Click here for a full PDF version with screenshots.
  • User on ‘Vault’ (U:) – a place to save files that is secure and only you have access. Storage quota is 5 GB.
  • Dept on ‘Vault’ (H:) – place to save files where all department members can access the files. Storage quota is 10 GB.
  • Temp on ‘Vault’ (T:) –  not secure, all campus employees and students can view/edit/delete any file/folder.
  • OneDrive – a place to save files that is secure and only you have access. This storage is online and is accessible anywhere you have Internet. You can also share  files/folders with other NIC employees or students. Storage quota is 1TB (1,024GB).

NIC Cardinal Wi-Fi

NIC Students/Faculty/Staff:

•    Choose the NIC-Cardinal-Wifi network.
•    When prompted, enter your MyNIC credentials.


•    Choose the NIC-Public-WiFi network
•    Open a web browser.
•    Read the agreement and click ‘Continue to the Internet.’


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