21 Reassigned Time and Stipends

Reassigned time refers to normal teaching workload that has been assigned to a special project. Faculty may also be compensated by stipend, in lieu of reassigned time, for projects or initiatives over a defined period of time.  Non-teaching projects or assignments may be identified by the faculty, the division chair, dean or the Provost.  The terms of assignment are established in writing and submitted to the dean and the Provost for approval. Request for reassignment are to be submitted using the Proposed Faculty Contract Modification form.  Division Chairs will submit the HR Stipend Form for approval and to initiate payment.  In general, NIC employees may be considered for additional compensation in the form of a stipend under the following circumstances: (Stipend Policy 3.02.28 and Procedure 3.02.28)
1. When overtime pay is inappropriate or when a category of employee is ineligible for overtime pay as provided under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
2. When an employee is asked to perform significant additional duties for a period of at least five weeks.
3. When the significant additional duties performed will not become a permanent part of the employee’s assignment.
4. When the significant additional duties performed would not reasonably be considered a part of the “additional duties as assigned” clause in the employee’s contract.


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