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North Idaho College evaluates all faculty every three years using multiple data sources in accordance with the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges’ accreditation standard on faculty evaluation, and the Evaluation Rights and Responsibilities as defined in Policy 3.02.21.  Please review the Procedure 3.02.21 for specific evaluation requirements for tenured faculty, probationary faculty, special appointment faculty, part-time credit faculty, full-time and part-time librarians, and full-time and part-time counselors.

Course Evaluations are administered in the fall and spring semesters, based on Policy and Procedure 3.02.21. The office of the vice president for instruction will administer student surveys through an online survey tool, EvaluationKit. In addition to the student surveys administered by the vice president for instruction, faculty members are encouraged to routinely employ informal feedback techniques to assess their teaching effectiveness. You will receive a link at the end of each semester to view your course evaluations. For guidance on interpreting and responding to student evaluations, click here.

Classroom observations provide an opportunity for feedback regarding an instructor’s presence and performance in the classroom.  Observations can be conducted at any time during the semester but should be scheduled in advance to accommodate the instructor’s schedule and lesson plans.  Observations are documented via the Observation Form, internet classes are evaluated using the Internet Form.  Observation Form, and Lab courses are evaluated using the Observation Addendum Lab form.  Division Chairs, Program Directors, and Deans are responsible for conducting regular observations of the faculty.

Peer Review Faculty are encouraged to observe each other’s teaching either formally as outlined in the Faculty Evaluation  Procedure 3.02.21 or informally. Some of the best professional development you will find is watching your colleagues’ teaching. Don’t hesitate to ask your fellow faculty if you can sit in on a class session.


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